Portrait of Alexander Droste

Alexander Droste

Full-Stack Dev. & M. Sc. Student @TU-Clausthal

From Full-Stack Web-Development with Node, Mongo, React & Co. to Low-Level and IoT with C/C++ to DevOps, my personal interests cover them all. I am always up for trying out and learning about new technologies.

I am currently studying computer science for my masters degree at the TU Clausthal in Germany. Along with it I am hired to work on several software projects. Currently our team works on a well funded BMBF research project in the medical care sector.

Some of my projects

return2.net My personal blog. Together with my old classmate Malte, we started our blog return2 in early 2020. We blog about tech, coding, photography and all the stuff we like. Our intention is to share some problems and (hopefully) interesting stuff with interested people around the world.
Pflegebrille Research project at work. Project Pflegebrille aims to support nurses and care assistants in medical care by providing professional workflows, patient information and optimized documentation abilities via the use of augmented reality glasses.
dualkey-tools Low-Level keyboard hook. These hooks can be used to remap keys to act as so called dual key and other custom behavior. This project is WIP. The base software is finished, linux hooks are fully implemented, macOS & Windows are not ready yet.
table-app Talk about lecture. table is a platform that can be used during or in between lectures for Live-Q&A, feedback submission and topic discussion. It integrates with some of my university's services. I began development as part of my bachelor thesis. Due to the lack of time it is unfinished and hardly maintained. Nevertheless, it is in ongoing productive use each semester.
court reservation system Court reservation system. I have written a court reservation system for my local tennis club. Due to heavy customization and legal reasons, it is closed source. However, I am currently developing a v2. Simple, fresh, open-source. WIP.



Languages, Operating Systems & Tools


Platform Development, Administration & Data Management



since 2018 Software Architect / Developer. Responsible for archictecture and development in various projects. Since mid 2019 I am working with a small team on the BMBF research project Pflegebrille where we make use of AR glasses in order to help nurses and care assistants while working with patients. My role includes software architecture, full-stack development and DevOps.
since 2014 Freelance Web-Designer / Web-Developer. Over time I realised a few websites including content. They included mostly static content and were made for mainly restaurants, a holiday apartment, personal use and a court booking system.
2016 - 2019 Student Assistant. Support in teaching at my university in the areas of embedded systems, operating and distributed systems, programming and human-computer interaction.


since 2019 Master of Science in Computer Science (TU Clausthal)
2015 - 2019 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science / Business Information Systems (TU Clausthal)